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A Guide to Relocating to Spain 
Want to move to Madrid? Considering moving to Barcelona? Or thinking about an international removal to Malaga? Whether it’s for a job, to retire, or to simply enjoy the Spanish way of life, many people find themselves preparing for an international relocation to Spain. If that’s the case for you, you’re going to need a helpful and informative moving to Spain guide that answers all your questions. Here's the information you’ll need for any international removal to Spain… 
Moving Household Goods And Personal Effects To Spain 
Please note: many of these things will not apply to you if you are moving to Spain from another EU (European Union) State and/or you are a citizen of the EU (European Union) due to the free movement of goods throughout the EU. 
Below is a list of the documents you will need when planning an international removal to Spain: 
Original of Passport (Of the individual moving/importing the goods) 
Original of DNI (for Spaniards) or NIE (residence permit for foreigners) 
Detailed moving inventory, valued and signed in Spanish 
Original certificate of change of residence (“Baja Consular”) issued by the Spanish Consulate at origin 
Spanish resident card / work permit 
Original bill of lading (OBL) / air waybill (AWB) – We will take care of this if completing the entire international removal to Spain for you. 
“Alta de Empadronamiento” issued by the local authorities of the place of residence in Spain 
Diplomatic Franchise (applicable only to diplomatic relocations / diplomats moving) 
Application form for duty-free importation (TOR1 Form) Link Here 
Note: Customs regulations may differ between cities. It is important to contact agent for specific information prior to importation. 
We recommend providing these as soon as possible to reduce delays with your removal to Spain. Late receipt of documentation can lead to missed shipments, additional charges and penalties at Spanish Customs. For your own protection, we will almost never ship your goods without the above in place. 
Cost of Shipping Furniture to Spain 
The cost of shipping furniture to Spain is on average £4000 but this will vary depending on the amount of furniture you have and its size. For example, the cost of shipping the entire contents of a 4 bed house is £9500. 
If your furniture can be taken apart, then this could save you a significant amount of money as shipping costs are usually calculated on the space required for your items. This also means that if you only want to ship a select few items then you can significantly lower your costs. We have put together a table for the average cost of shipping to Spain from the UK; 
Shipping Size Average Cost UK to Spain 
3 Boxes £305 
5 Boxes £436 
10 Boxes £690 
250 cubic feet (small flat) £2200 
500 cubic feet (large flat) £4100 
1000 cubic feet (small house) £6100 
2000 cubic feet (large house) £9500 
Moving to Spain After Brexit From the UK 
For British citizens moving to Spain, the requirements for moving have changed since Brexit. Prior to Brexit, British citizens were able to freely move to EU countries without limitations or visa requirements. The break with the EU, however, will drastically chance how Britons can move from the UK to Spain after Brexit. We’ve written a helpful blog post all about moving to Spain after Brexit which will tell you everything you need to know. 
Additional Removal Advice 
Household goods are duty free if meeting the following conditions: 
Goods are owned and used by the owner of the goods for a minimum of 6 months 
The shipment is imported into Spain within 12 months after owner of the goods arrival 
The owner of the goods must have lived abroad for a minimum of 1 year 
If a Spanish Residence permit is not available, a Bank Guarantee between 40% and 60% of the total value declared in the moving inventory and the presentation of the Work Permit will be required for Customs clearance. 
The Bank Guarantee will be returned when regularization is completed within 6 months upon presentation of the permit. 
Owner of the goods must be registered at the National Tax Office / Revenue Service; if the owner of the goods has not obtained a Residence Permit, the owner of the goods’ employer, company or a person already registered at National Tax Office must represent the owner of the goods at Customs clearance. 
Owner of the goods must obtain Diplomatic Franchise from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which takes approximately 2-3 weeks. 
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