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Wilkinson's Removals and Storage of Bristol

Packing supplies in Bristol from Wilkinsons Removals 

When it comes to self-packing, Wilkinsons has got you covered. We can supply you with the finest packing materials in Bristol, courtesy of our trusted suppliers. Our Online Box Shop, or The Bristol Box Shop, as we like to call it, provides high grade material for all your removals needs. We provide industry-standard double ply packing boxes which are robust enough to withstand significant weight. Available in various sizes, these boxes are ideal for all your packing needs. We recommend using medium-sized boxes for heavier items to ensure safe handling, while larger boxes can be used for lighter, bulky items, such as your children's plushes, playmobile, etc.  
Our high-quality packing tape is designed to securely adhere to the boxes, keeping your possessions safe during transit. To make the job of taping the boxes easier, we also provide tape guns. 
Packing paper serves as the first line of defence for your fragile items. It's more crucial than you might think. Always ensure that you use dye-free packing paper to prevent staining your items. You can use this paper to wrap around your delicate items or crumple it up and place it inside a box to fill empty spaces. This creates a cushioning effect that absorbs vibrations and impacts, keeping your items safe. 
Marker pens and labels can greatly simplify the unpacking process. We suggest labelling each box with the name of the room it belongs to, such as 'Lounge', 'Bedroom 1' and so on. This will expedite the removal process as your movers will know exactly where to place each box without having to ask you. You can also describe the contents on the box, which will help you prioritise unpacking. Our Bristol removals team's favourite is a box labelled 'Kitchen - Kettle, tea, coffee etc'! 
Here's a tip: Write on the tape on top of the boxes. This not only preserves your marker pens but also makes the labels easier to read. 
Bubble wrap is an easy and effective way to protect your more delicate belongings. Simply wrap your items in bubble wrap and tape it up to prevent it from unravelling during transit. We can supply bubble wrap in bulk rolls for cost-effectiveness. 
If you're planning to move yourself, we recommend investing in some removal blankets. These can protect your furniture from scratches and damages during the move. At Wilkinson's, our vehicles come equipped with hundreds of these blankets to ensure the safe transportation of your furniture. 
Not sure about the number of boxes you need? We've put together some handy Bristol Box Shop handy kits for you. These kits offer a good assortment of materials, ensuring you have everything you need for your move. 
To place an order with The Bristol Box Shop, simply click on the links above, and you'll be whisked over to our Bristol Box shop. We can have your packing supplies delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours, either personally or via FedEx Delivery. We're here to make your move to or from Bristol as smooth as possible. 
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