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15 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Ireland 
Moving to Ireland can be an exciting adventure, but it's important to be prepared. Here are 15 things you should know before you make the move: 
For more detailed information on the process of moving to Ireland, check out the Wilkinsons Removals guide to moving to Europe, with tips on everything from visas to moving with pets. 
15 Essential Tips for Moving to Ireland 
Moving to Ireland can be an exciting adventure, but it's important to be prepared. Here are 15 things you should know before you make the move: 
1. Cost of Living: 
Be prepared for the high cost of living in Ireland, which is even higher than in the UK. Renting accommodation, consumer prices, and groceries can be expensive, especially in Dublin. Consider living in smaller cities or the countryside for lower prices. 
2. The Irish Language: 
While English is the main language spoken in Ireland, there is still a presence of the Irish language. Some public places and signs will be written in both English and Irish. Familiarize yourself with basic Irish to make your journey on public transport easier. 
3. Local Slang: 
Irish English can be quite different from British English, so be prepared to encounter unfamiliar phrases and words. Take the time to learn and adapt to the local slang to make your transition smoother. 
4. Buying or Renting Property: 
Buying property in Ireland can be challenging for foreigners due to restrictions and bureaucracy. Renting is a popular option among expats, so be open to the idea of renting instead of buying. 
5. Befriending the Locals: 
Irish people are friendly, but it can be a bit difficult to make friends initially. They tend to be reserved and often run on their own time. Engage in casual encounters and meeting at cafes or pubs can be a good way to get to know locals. 
6. Irish People Love Tea: 
Tea culture is strong in Ireland, so expect to find no shortage of tea and tea drinkers. You'll find that tea consumption is second only to Turkey. 
7. Alcohol: 
Alcohol is a significant part of social life in Ireland. Pubs are great places to meet people, but you don't have to get drunk every night. Pubs are also for socializing, so take advantage of the opportunity to meet new acquaintances and enjoy the social atmosphere. 
8. Healthcare: 
The healthcare system in Ireland is similar to the UK, but there may be delays in response times and appointments due to funding shortages. Private healthcare is an option for faster service, but it can be expensive. Research your healthcare options in Ireland before making a decision. 
9. Public Transport: 
In cities, public transport, such as buses and inner-city rail lines, is commonly used for commuting and leisure travel. However, rural areas may have limited transport connections, so having a private vehicle might be necessary. 
10. Location Matters: 
Dublin is a vibrant city with plenty of opportunities, nightlife, and amenities. Moving away from large cities like Dublin may lower the cost of living, but it might also limit work and socializing opportunities. 
11. Quality of Life: 
Despite the higher cost of living, Ireland offers a high quality of life. It has ranked among the top countries for quality of life, with excellent healthcare, education, work-life balance, and more. 
12. Diversity and Culture: 
Ireland is a diverse and culturally rich country, with influences from both the local population and the international community. Festivals and celebrations from various cultures occur year-round, providing a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. 
13. Ireland's History with Britain: 
While no history test is required, it's important to be aware of the historical relationship between Ireland and England. Avoid saying or doing anything that may offend locals due to the sensitive past. 
14. Weather: 
Prepare for unpredictable weather in Ireland, which can be worse than in the UK. Be ready for sudden drops in temperature and rain showers. Pack waterproofs and umbrellas to stay prepared. 
15. Safety: 
Ireland is generally a safe country for both locals and foreigners. While it's important to take regular precautions, violent crime rates are low. However, response times in rural areas may vary, and it's always wise to be cautious in busy places and at night. 
Moving to Ireland can be a life-changing experience. By being aware of these 15 tips, you'll have a smoother transition and be able to fully enjoy all that Ireland has to offer. 
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