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Moving Household Goods And Personal Effects To France 

Are you thinking about relocating to Paris? Perhaps considering a move to Marseille? Or planning an international removal to Lyon? Well, we've got you covered with all the essential moving advice you'll need for any international relocation to France... 
Please note, many of these things will not apply to you if you are moving from another EU State and/or you are a citizen of the EU. This is due to the free movement of goods throughout the EU. 
Below is a list of the documents you will need when planning an international removal to France: 
Copy of Passport (Of the individual moving/importing the goods) 
Visa, if applicable 
Removal packing list – We will complete this if you want us to undertake a full packing service for your removal 
Detailed Moving inventory valued in Euro and signed by the owner of the goods 
Certificate of Transfer 
Non-resale attestation 
Proof of residence in France 
Bill of lading (express release) / air waybill (AWB) – We will take care of this if completing the entire international removal to France for you. 
Sales invoices for items purchased within 6 months prior to import 
Certificate of change of residence by the French Consulate 
We recommend providing these as soon as possible to reduce delays with your removal to France. Late receipt of documentation can lead to missed shipments, additional charges and penalties at French Customs. For your own protection, we will almost never ship your goods without the above in place. 
Additional Removal Advice 
All items are subject to taxes, including consumables. 
All audio visual goods (tapes, video, books, DVD, CD ROMS, etc.) will be inspected, viewed, read by Customs and released no sooner than 3 weeks after import. 
The removal packing list must be clear and legible as it will be translated into Arabic; do not indicate “Miscellaneous,” “Packed by Owner,” or “PBO.” 
Private shippers must pay duties and taxes. 
All shipments, from private to half-diplomatic are subject to Customs inspection. 
Extra charges may be applied for the inspection of special items including alcohol, food, phones, and paintings. Check with the agent for details. 
Inspection fees and taxes are paid by the shipper. 
All private shippers not having a Letter of Guarantee must pay duties and taxes in cash. 
The Letter of Guarantee states an amount of money corresponding to the number of duties and taxes to be paid. These funds are placed into a bank account and released to the shipper when moving out of Egypt. All items must then be exported, otherwise, taxes and fines will be paid on each missing item. 
The Guarantee can only be obtained with a Work Permit and Work Visa. 
Vehicles and all audio visual goods must be loaded at the door of the container. 
The Moving inventory must state the model, brand, size and content (e.g., Sony 40″ Television) for all electrical and electronic items. 
Instruction manuals must be attached to printers and fax machines. 
Wooden crates in air or sea shipments must be fumigated. 
Diplomatic missions and some international 
Owner of the goods’ presence for Customs clearance is not required. 
A visa is only necessary if other documentation cannot be provided. 
Removal packing list is not required for Customs clearance, but is required at time of delivery. 
Certificate of change of residence by the French Consulate must show that the owner of the goods has established primary residence in origin country for at least 12 months. 
If less than 12 months abroad, the shipment is subject to more duties and taxes. 
Certificate of transfer must be on employer letterhead with date of employment in the origin country and date of transfer. 
Certificate of transfer must also show proof of at least 12 months abroad and primary residence in origin country. 
This document may not be accepted by all Customs office for free entry. 
Non-resale attestation must be completed, dated, and signed by the owner of the goods and must mention a vehicle when applicable. 
Proof of residence in France, such as last phone or electricity bill, rental contract (less than 3 months old). 
Sales invoices must clearly identify items, date, year and place of purchase. 
Used household goods in the owner of the goods’ possession or use for at least 6 months are duty free if the owner of the goods’ primary residence will be in France. 
If the payment of duties is required, authorization must be obtained from French Customs prior to arrival. 
For countries outside Europe items are subject to VAT of 20% plus duties (about 10%). 
Customs clearance takes approximately 3 to 4 days to clear the effects. 
For free entry, transfer of primary residence and the owner of the goods must have spent at least 12 months abroad. 
organizations must apply for duty and tax exemptions on personal effects (approximately 7 to 21 working days). 
Diplomats may be exempted from Customs duties and inspection provided they apply for and are granted Form 4DE (Protocol). 
Cost of Moving from France to UK 
If you are thinking about moving to France make sure you set aside the minimum €60 visa fee, which could increase depending on the reason for your stay. You will also need to set aside costs for a removal company, so make sure you budget for at least £4000 if you are planning on taking household belongings with you to France. 

Popular Destinations in France 

Wilkinsons Removals & Storage of Bristol is vastly experienced in international removals to cities all over the globe. Their long history and detailed knowledge of different countries makes them the perfect choice for your move. Here are some of the most popular destinations we are asked to move people to in France: 
Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille, Rennes, Reims, Le Havre, Saint-Étienne, Toulon, Grenoble, Dijon, Nîmes, Angers, Villeurbanne, Le Mans, Saint-Denis, Aix-en-Provence, Clermont-Ferrand, Brest, Limoges, Tours, Amiens, Perpignan, Metz 
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