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Choosing where to relocate in the UK is no small decision. With diverse cities, picturesque towns, and rural retreats to choose from, the possibilities are vast. In this guide, we delve into some of the best places to move in the UK, offering insight from the renowned Bristol removals company, Wilkinsons Removals. 


Bristol, a vibrant city in the South West of England, has consistently been voted one of the best places to live in the UK. It's a hub of culture, creativity, and innovation, featuring a thriving arts scene, historic landmarks like the Clifton Suspension Bridge, and beautiful green spaces such as the Ashton Court Estate. Its strong economy and exceptional quality of life make it a top choice for both families and professionals. 


Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, brims with rich history, stunning architecture, and cultural vibrancy. Its world-class festival scene, including the famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, attracts artists and audiences from around the globe. Natural beauty is abundant, with scenic landscapes like Arthur's Seat and the Royal Botanic Garden. Plus, with strong job opportunities and excellent education, Edinburgh offers a fantastic quality of life. 


Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage city known for its Roman-built baths and elegant Georgian architecture. It boasts exceptional shopping, dining experiences, and relaxing thermal spas. Coupled with high-ranking schools and a strong sense of community, Bath is an ideal place for families and individuals seeking a blend of historic charm and modern living. 


Manchester is a dynamic and diverse city known for its vibrant music scene, sporting culture, and technological innovation. Home to top universities and flourishing business sectors, Manchester offers excellent career opportunities. Its thriving arts scene, with institutions like the Manchester Art Gallery and HOME, makes it a cultural hotspot. 


With its rich Viking and Roman heritage, York is a city steeped in history. The stunning York Minster, charming Shambles, and numerous museums offer a glimpse into the city's past. Yet, York also thrives in the present with excellent schools, a growing digital sector, and a strong sense of community. 


Oxford, renowned for its prestigious university, is a city of culture, learning, and architectural beauty. Its museums, galleries, and parks offer enriching experiences, and the city's innovative spirit drives a strong job market. Oxford's blend of historic charm and modern amenities makes it a desirable place to live. 


Cardiff, the capital of Wales, mixes history, culture, and modernity. The city boasts a stunning waterfront at Cardiff Bay, historic sites like Cardiff Castle, and a vibrant arts scene. With its excellent shopping, sports facilities, and diverse culinary scene, Cardiff is a welcoming and dynamic city. 

Moving with Wilkinsons Removals 

No matter where you choose to move in the UK, having a reliable removals company can make the transition smoother. Wilkinsons Removals, a well-renowned Bristol removals company, offers an array of services tailored to your needs. 
Whether you're planning a local move or considering a long-distance transition, our house moving services are designed to suit your unique requirements. Our dedicated team handles your belongings with utmost care, ensuring a smooth and worry-free move. 
If you're managing an office or commercial relocation, our expertise extends to office and commercial moves as well. We understand the need for minimising downtime and ensuring a seamless transition, so you can get back to business as soon as possible. 
For those considering a new start abroad, we offer comprehensive European removals services. From packing to transportation, we manage every aspect of your international move, helping you settle into your new home with ease. 
During the moving process, you may find the need for secure storage solutions. At Wilkinsons Removals, we provide safe and accessible storage options for your belongings, giving you peace of mind as you transition to your new location. 
For more information about our services or to request a quote, please contact us. At Wilkinsons Removals, we're not just moving your belongings - we're here to support your new beginnings. 
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