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Moving home can be difficult, with many things to remember and organise. To ensure nothing gets forgotten, it's best to prepare a checklist before moving. This will help reduce stress and make sure everything is ready - having all your items ready ahead of time means you won't forget anything important. Our removal service can take care of the heavy lifting and unloading, but there are still many tasks to do before the big day arrives. Make a list of all the jobs that need doing so that you won't miss any details when the time comes! 
Here are some of the essential tasks to consider when preparing a house move checklist: 

Step 1: Tell the world! 

When it comes time to move house, there are certain people that should be informed ahead of time and others that you can tell as you leave. Make sure to give at least 30 days notice to those who need it. You should also reach out to family, friends and employers - anyone whose life could be impacted by the change. You should also be sure to inform: 
The gas and electric companies for your existing home. 
The water company for the property. 
Broadband and internet services 
Your existing landlord, in writing, just in case. 

Step 2: Plan for change 

By completing as much as possible before moving day, you can take a great deal of the stress out of it and be able to start enjoying your new home immediately. Be sure to do some or all of the following: 
Book a redirection service with the Royal Mail for any mail that is sent to your old address. 
Make sure to change your addresses on subscription services, like eBay, Amazon and food delivery apps. 
Notify the TV Licencing Authority of your moving date; you won't be able to bring it with you when you go. 
Ensure all financial institutions are aware of your new address. 
If you have children, arrange for them to join new schools in the area if you're relocating far away. 
Make sure banks and other relevant organisations are updated with your current address details. 

Step 3: Begin packing! 

Get organised and plan ahead by ordering the necessary materials to aid you in packing - things like boxes, bubble wrap, tape, labels and markers. This will make your move a lot smoother. 
Talk to your removal company and get their advice on the best way to package and transport all of your things safely. 
If you're in need of extra space, consider arranging storage - make sure to label everything so that you can find your stuff quickly when moving into your new home! 
Pack up non-essentials like books, DVDs and spare items - it's much easier if these are taken out of the way whilst packing up your everyday items like clothes and toiletries. 
Take advantage of this move as an opportunity for a big clear out - if there's too much stuff for you to sort through alone, hire a skip or book a man with a van service, or donate the items to charity if possible. You could also list unwanted items online to make some money back! 

Step 4: It's moving day; rally the troops! 

On the day of your move, be sure to enlist family and friends to help out with the physical aspect. Task them with packing up items that don't need specialist knowledge or care. 
Don't forget to take final meter readings and provide them to your utility companies before leaving. 
Hand all keys back to your landlord or the estate agent - if you're the one selling, you can give the new owners your keys when they arrive, but if you're out of town make sure that the estate agent has them. 
As renters, take pictures and videos of your old home before leaving, so there are no disputes over deposits later. When you arrive at your new place, check off the inventory list and ensure everything is as it should be before signing off. 
Check your insurance cover regarding goods in transit and make sure that movers have adequate coverage for what they are responsible for during the move. 
If possible, book a house cleaning service for your new property so that it's clean and ready for you as soon as you move in! 
When settling into a new area, remember to change up some of your address details - this includes institutions like DVLA, HMRC, doctors and dentists - get this done sooner rather than later! 
Register with a new GP if necessary when moving areas too! 
Make sure you have all the necessary documentation, such as rental agreements, contracts and insurance policies, ready for signing. 
And finally, make sure to check everywhere one last time - you don't want to leave anything behind! 
We hope this handy house move checklist has helped prepare you for your big move. From booking the removal service to rallying some helping hands, there are lots of things that need doing before you can begin enjoying your new home. Good luck and have a safe move! 
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