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Wilkinson's Removals and Storage of Bristol
Moving home can feel overwhelming, but if you take the proper steps, it can become manageable. Here at Wilkinson's Removals and Storage of Bristol, we've been helping people move houses for many years and know the best ways to make your house move go smoothly 
So, in this blog post, we'll tell you all our top tips on ensuring your removal process is as effortless as possible, whether you're moving around the corner or further away. 

Packing Supplies 

Before you start packing, it's essential that you have plenty of boxes, packing material, bubble wrap and tape to hand. This will make the packing process much simpler because you won't need to continually run out of more supplies mid-pack. Our professional removers recommend getting good quality, strong cardboard boxes which are easy to carry and stack on top of each other so they don't take up too much space. Consider purchasing specialised packaging materials designed specifically for electronics such as televisions or computers which will help keep them safe during transit. 

Declutter Before You Pack 

It's tempting to start throwing things into boxes when you have a lot of stuff that needs packing, but it's important that before embarking on your house move journey, you declutter through your belongings first and remove any unnecessary items which could just end up taking up precious space in your new home. Separate anything sentimental or irreplaceable into a special box for transporting separately or giving away/selling/donating - this could include furniture pieces like curtains or carpets which won't fit in your new place! 

Start Packing Early 

If there is one thing that makes moving day more stressful than it already is, it's not having enough time to pack correctly - so begin planning your packing early! It always helps if everything can be neatly packed away, so completing tasks such as defrosting the fridge should be done before then too! 
But if you don’t feel you have time to pack, contact us, and we’ll be happy to visit and provide you with a quote for our packing services. It always helps if everything can be neatly packed away, so completing tasks such as defrosting the fridge should be done before then too! 

Pick a Room as Your Base of Operation 

Choose one room with enough floor space where all boxes can be safely stored until they're ready for pick up by our movers – this typically works best by picking somewhere near an entrance or exit point so staff don't need to trek through each room several times unnecessarily. Try not to clutter the space with items you aren't planning to pack, as they will only get in the way and slow you down. 

Pack Smart 

Getting organised goes hand-in-hand with well-planned packing; group items together according to type, i.e., all books together in one box rather than scattered across multiple ones; clearly label each box with its contents; fill each box evenly; place heavier items at the bottom of boxes with lighter items or well-wrapped breakables on top - failure to follow these simple rules could lead to avoidable accidents during transit! With regards to clothes, use individual hangers within garment bags where possible, or save time and energy with a wardrobe box – this saves having folded garments inside suitcases that then require ironing once unpacked! 

Hire Professional 

Holding off until just before the day itself might seem convenient, but it’s going to leave you stressed out and panicking. If you're pressed for time and unable to do everything yourself, why not take advantage of Wilkinson's Removals and Storage of Bristol’s packing service? With many years of expertise behind us, we can make light work of even trickier removal jobs and offer insurance cover against any unforeseen damage occurring along the way – plus, our friendly staff always ensure quality customer service comes first regardless of job size. 

Why Choose Wilkinson's Removals and Storage in Bristol? 

When choosing a removals company in Bristol, Wilkinson's Removals and Storage are the perfect choice. We have been helping people move homes for many years and know how to get the job done right. Whether you're moving around the corner or further away, our team of experienced professionals can make sure your house move goes without a hitch. So why choose us for your next removals job? Here are a few reasons: 
We provide padded blankets and other removals products specifically designed for bulky items and electronics to ensure that your important items arrive safely at their destination. 
Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to making your house move as stress-free as possible by packing everything correctly and securely. 
We carry insurance coverage against any unforeseen damage along the way, so you can rest assured knowing that your belongings will be safe during transit. 
Our friendly staff ensure that customer service always comes first regardless of job size. 
We have performed hundreds of house removals in Bristol and the surrounding area. 
We offer flexible Bristol storage solutions for when you are between moves or just need to reclaim a little space. 
At Wilkinson's Removals and Storage in Bristol, we understand how stressful moving can be, so we strive to make it as easy and affordable as possible for our customers. So if you're looking for an experienced Bristol removals company with years of success behind them, look no further than Wilkinson's – we guarantee you won't be disappointed! 


Moving home doesn't have to be a stressful experience - with the right preparation, planning and help from an experienced removals company like us here at Wilkinson's Removals and Storage in Bristol, it can actually be enjoyable! You can rest assured knowing that we take great pride in what we do - offering exceptional customer service throughout the removal process while taking care of all your valuable possession. So if you need a moving company in Bristol, why not contact us today and discover how stress-free moving home really can be? 
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