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Moving out of your old home is an exciting and joyful event. Maybe you're leaving your parental home for the first time or buying your dream family home. You're happy to finally spread your wings on your own and embrace the new life. Or, you've found the home that is ideal for your family and your needs. Either way, there is much to look forward to in the future. However, this may also be an emotional time in your life. After all, it's natural to feel a bit sad and melancholy when leaving a place you've loved, a place that gave you many wonderful and meaningful memories. With this bitter-sweet feeling in mind, we've made this list of fun ways to say goodbye to your family home before moving! 

Create a scrapbook of the things you love about your old home 

Well, you can't take your previous home with you. The next best thing is to make a scrapbook that will capture the time you've spent there. Include everything and anything you love, reminding you of happy occasions, your kids' drawings of the house, photos, a pressed flower from your garden, or a sample of fabrics and textures that made it home for you. Photos, shapes, and colours will make your old home feel fresh in your mind and also make a wonderful keepsake for the whole family. 
In addition, if your Children are small, making a time capsule is a good idea. Ask your children to draw, write, or collect all their favourite things about their home. Then put them in the not-see-through containers and write your Childrens names on them. You can open the containers together when they're older and remember and talk about all the childhood things they loved in their first home. 

Do all of your favourite things one last time 

Set some time to do all your favourite things once more before you move out. Relocation is a tremendous task - there's a lot to do, so if you have big plans, it's best to find the right help in advance. From a removal company to movers, the experts will help you carve out some time for yourself and ensure everything gets done. 
This is especially true if you have big plans. 
You might want a final summer barbecue or spend one last memorable Christmas at your old home. However, if you have to move on short notice, you might not have time for all that. Don't worry - there are plenty of small things you can do. You can always find time for a relaxing bubbly bath, read a few pages in your favourite book, or make your family's favourite meal you can share together. 

Making a photo album or a video diary is an excellent way to say goodbye to your family home  

A picture is worth a thousand words, the saying goes, and not without reason. So, take plenty of photos of your home and your favourite places in it. You can arrange them in the photo album or add them to the scrapbook. That way, you'll always have your old home with you. 
Even better, make a video. Pretend you're on the house tour and go to every room. Say what you loved best about it and discuss the events and occasions it reminds you of. Include all your family members and let them share what they love about these places. 
Capture it on the camera and take this lovely family video to your new home. 

Take something with you & leave something behind  

Another excellent idea is to take something with you. Of course, we're not talking about cherished items or belonging you'll pack anyways. Instead, we're talking about something more meaningful. For example, carry your favourite plant with you and plant it in your new garden. A young tree sapling or a flower will remind you of your previous home and bring you joy in years to come. 
Also, remember that life is about giving as much as receiving. Why not plant something for new owners? It will be a kind gesture and warm welcome for them. And you'll feel lighter and happier knowing that someone else will love and cherish your old home as much as you did. 
Lastly, be positive and excited about the future that awaits you. It's not easy to say goodbye to your family home, but there is a lot to be happy about! So put a smile on your face and think about all the happy memories you'll make in your new home, too. 
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