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Summary: Moving into a new property is a challenging time, with struggles such as organising your utilities and being at the top of your list. Find out what fibre broadband is, how it affects your connection and whether you need it in your home to improve the way you interact with the online world. 
When you move into a new house, having all of the right utilities up and running as soon as possible is a must. Electricity and gas mean that your home is in a liveable condition, whilst an internet connection means that you can get connected to the outside world, whether for entertainment or work. Using a fibre broadband system provides you with the opportunity to improve the speed and reliability of your connection. Find out what the benefits of using fibre broadband are and whether it’s right for your home. 

What is fibre broadband? 

Fibre broadband is a type of broadband infrastructure that primarily makes use of fibre-optic cables. Using fibre-optic cables means that the connection transmits far more data along the line far more quickly, increasing the speed of your connection. Some people use hybrid broadband systems, with fibre-optic cables working with copper connections that are a part of the older broadband infrastructure. 

The benefits of fibre broadband 

There are plenty of benefits of using fibre broadband in your new home, including: 

Higher download speeds  

Your download speed refers to the amount of data that your broadband connection allows you to take in over a set period of time. Fibre broadband is undoubtedly the fastest broadband option available, with speeds of up to 900Mbps on ultrafast internet connections. By comparison, the average speed of an ADSL or copper connection in urban areas was 14.7Mbps in 2021. Higher download speeds mean that you can do more things at once and complete all of your large downloads, such as media files and games, faster. 

Greater upload speeds  

Where many people exclusively consider the download speed of the internet connection they use, upload is just as important. With copper connections, upload speeds tend to lag behind download speeds. Fibre broadband means that you have fast download and upload connections, making your time uploading content to social media far simpler than it was before. 

Do I need fibre broadband? 

The question of whether you need fibre broadband comes down to whether or not you use your broadband connection much. If you are a content creator, you work from home or even if you watch a lot of TV or online content, you can benefit from the speed and consistency that a fibre connection has to offer. Even if you don’t think you use the internet much, look into your data use and the speeds that you get at the moment. You could be surprised by the improvements that you see in a fibre connection. 


A few years ago, the idea of fibre broadband was impossible for some homes in the UK, with the infrastructure only existing in some places. A recent government report found that 70% of UK homes and businesses have the infrastructure in place for gigabit broadband using fibre infrastructure. This means that the fears of lacking infrastructure are a thing of the past. The vast majority of people in the UK can take full advantage of a fibre connection.Click on this text to edit it. 
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