Quotations are valid for 28 days from the date of the quote being received. 
If extra furniture or belongings are not declared and or are added to the move after receiving your quote, and more time or vans and, or men are required than originally quoted to complete the job, further costs will be incurred. 
Late Key Waiver 
On the day of your move, sometimes things happen that are out of your control. Our late key waiver is designed to save you stress and money in the event that there is a delay in gaining access to your new property. This may be due to a delay in the vendor moving out of the property or in the transfer of money within the removal chain. 
Our quotes do not include us waiting for keys past 3.00pm should there be a delay in receiving them on the day. Our removal team will wait outside your property up to 3.00pm, at no charge, however after 3.00pm, there will be a key waiting charge of £35 per crew member, per hour or part thereof, up until the time we gain access. 
For example, if keys are not received and therefore we cannot gain access until 4.30pm, with a 3 person team, there will be a charge of 2 hours per person (£210.00 in total). 
Our waiver is charged at £90, and can therefore save you money should there be a delay beyond your control. 
Please note: The waiver does not cover the event of us not being able to gain access to your property at all on your removal day. If keys are not received on your allocated moving day, then storage and re-delivery charges would apply. 
On your removal day, the team will only be able to wait until 5.00pm for keys, after this time the banks or solicitors will not be able to complete on the sale/purchase due to banks closing, or the time that their working hours are up, with regards to 7.5t vehicles and above according to the Working Time Directive or Driver Hours. 
If you would like to add our Late Key Waiver to your booking, please contact us on 01172444201 or select this option when you complete your quote acceptance form. The waiver can be purchased anytime from the time of confirming your booking, up until the working day before your move. 
If you would like to add the additional security offered by our Late Key Waiver to your booking, please indicate this by ticking the appropriate box when you complete your booking form. 

Start time 

The customer should be packed and ready to move from the time scheduled unless we have agreed to do a pack and move on the day. 
Removals that are booked in the morning will have a specific agreed start time. 
Removals that are booked in the afternoon will have an estimated start time. We always try to stick to the schedule but please be aware that every removal is different. 
We can not be in two places at once. 
If a morning removal runs over we would appreciate your understanding and patience, the afternoon start time can be much later than estimated. This is why it is an estimated time of arrival in the first place, which is subject to change. 
There will be no deduction of cost if we are later than our estimated time of arrival. 

Jobs charged by time 

Removals that are charged by time will start from when the van arrives and finish once the last item has been unloaded or when all customers’ requirements have been fulfilled plus the drive time back to the depot. (In Bristol +30 mins) 
Jobs outside of Bristol will have the drive time charged from leaving the depot to returning to the depo plus fuel. Unless a set price has been agreed. 
Please be aware even though we will do our best to estimate job lengths, jobs may take longer than estimated. Moves will be charged for the time that they actually take to complete. 
Due to the nature of removals there are many factors that can increase job length that are out of our control. 

Our services 

We will aim to complete each job to a high standard. 
We will put all furniture where the client desires as long as it is reasonable and safe to do so. 
We will stack boxes where needed, if there is not enough floor place to stack boxes we may have to stack boxes higher than normal to get everything into the property. 
It is the client’s responsibility to make sure their furniture will fit into the new location, and is in a good state of repair to move without damage. If clients furniture will not fit into the new property extra costs may be incurred in the transportation to another location. 
We can disconnect and reconnect washing machines dish washers and fridges as long as there is space to do so. It is not our Job to remove kitchen work tops or any other kind of carpentry works that may be required so that kitchen appliances fit in the new property. If the correct taps are not available or working then it’s the client’s reasonability to get them fixed. 
We cannot disconnect gas cookers, light fittings or electrical appliances that are hard wired into the wall. We do have certified electricians who can do this for you, who we can arrange to qoute. 
Any furniture that is screwed to the wall like TV wall mounts, curtain’s and curtain rails, shelfing, light fittings and anything else, should be ready and disconnected by the customer prior to the move. 
It is the customer’s responsibility to disconnect and reconnect any TVs, stereos, computers, or any other electrical equipment. 
Please note all furniture building/disconnecting services must be agreed prior to the move. 
If we have to move white goods and or any furniture left behind by the previous tenants in your new property additional charges may be incurred. 
We can move pianos but only from ground floor to ground floor. 
We can take furniture out of a window if required but we will not take responsibility for any damages caused in doing so. 

Furniture dismantling and reassembling 

We can dismantle and rebuild furniture as long as the furniture is designed to do so and in a condition that allows this to happen. 
This has to be agreed to do so prior to the move. 
Please note flat pack furniture is not designed to be taken apart and rebuilt many times. Even the most experienced and careful of hands cannot help the cheap woodchip from chipping and connecting dowels failing. 
We will not be liable for the woodchip and dowels failing from disassembly or reassembly. 
Flat pack furniture may lose original rigidity even when correctly rebuilt. This is one of the reasons flat pack furniture is cheap to buy. We are not responsible if rebuilt furniture loses its original rigidity. 
Some furniture may have been glued or nailed and or may not be designed to be taken apart without damage. We will not be liable for damage to furniture that has been glued or nailed together when taking it apart. 
Custom made furniture is not made to be disassembled. We can try to do this if needed but will not take responsibility for any damage. 
Some furniture especially furniture that is old may damage just by taking it apart. We will not be liable for any damage to any furniture that is rotten or moldy or not in a condition to take apart. 

Customers packing and moving responsibilities. 

We always reccomend using our proffesional packing service, we will provide a qoute for this after your survey. 
We accept no responsibility for damage or breakage to items that have not been packed or protected by by our teams or adequate means. 
Boxes that are not sealed and correctly padded may cause damage, so please make sure boxes are not overloaded and correctly sealed. 
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that items will fit in the new premises. If we are to fit large sofas or bulky furniture that is unable to fit after all options, we will unfortunatley have to leave items in a suitable room where we can get it to or the front garden, we are able to offer storage at an additional fee if this is required. 
TV’s or audio equipment or any other electrical equipment must be correctly packaged in a protected box. Electrical equipment that is not boxed is to be moved at the client’s risk. 
Fridges and freezers should be emptied and ready to move. 
It is the customer’s responsibility to check everything in the house flat or storage has been loaded into our van’s before leaving the property. 
The customer should remain on site throughout the removal unless agreed prior otherwise. 
There should be reasonable access in and out of your property. 

Dirty or dangerous working conditions 

Waste of any kind will not be tolerated in the working environment. 
We reserve the right to cancel a job if the working environment is a risk to our workers health. 

Items we will not move. 

Dangerous chemicals or hazardous substances, Toxic waste, paint tins and gas bottles. Live animals, fire arms, drugs or any other illegal goods. 

Rest Breaks at work. 

All of our team are very fit and will require a minimum of breaks. 
The current UK law requires that workers have the right to a minimum of one uninterrupted 20 minute rest break during their working day. This could be tea or lunch break. 

Provisional bookings. 

We can provisionally book you in upon receiving a deposit so we can easily access your information and move your moving date around if needed with ease. 
A provisional booking is not a confirmed booking. 
We will do our best to advise if availability is running out for a date that might be provisionally booked. 
A provisional booking is not a guaranteed booking. 


Customers have the right to cancel. 
There is no fee for cancellation as long as we are given 72hrs prior notice. 
If we turn up to the move without prior notice of cancellation 50% of the total cost of the job will be charged to cover costs. 
We reserve the right to postpone or cancel your move due to bad weather. This is very unlikely and would be only due to extreme weather like heavy snowfall or Ice that could make driving dangerous. 

Sub-contracting work. 

We reserve the right to sub contract work which we have provided a quotation without notifying you. 
We use a small team of excellent subcontractors to help with the workload. The subcontractors are carefully selected, and meet our high standards of professional work and follow our code of conduct. 

Insurance and Damages. 

Insurance is Included with all our moves. Our vans all have goods in transit Insurance up to £50,000. 
Subcontracted vans have goods in transit up to £10,000. This protects your goods while being transported. 
We will pay a maximum of £100 per item that is damaged. 
Damaged items must be reported to us no later than 7 days after moving in writing. If an item is lost we would look to pay a maximum of £100 or replace the item like for like or refund the value from your bill. 
If extra Insurance is required please check your home insurance. 

What is not covered. 

Cash, jewelry, live animals, fish, reptiles, plants, precious stones and metals, deeds, bonds, stamps, theft of Items, loss of data on a computer or any storage device, fire damage, water damage, weather damage. 
We will not be liable for mechanical or electrical faults unless there is evidence of impact damage 


Any damage from a storage unit leaking water, dust damage, infestation, or any other damage from being stored should be taken up with the storage company. 
When moving to storage it is advised that you are present to ensure the state of your goods on arrival to storage. We must be notified of any damage before the items are left in storage. 
We take responsibility in the moving of your goods but once they are in storage our responsibility’s end. 
We cannot supply blankets for storage. Some storage containers are dirty and we cannot accept responsibility for dirt caused by the storage unit. 
We advise you to buy a mattress cover from the storage company and to ensure adequate protection for your goods once they have left the care of the removal vehicle. 
If you use another company to move you out of storage we cannot accept any damage they may cause. 

Damage to customer’s property. 

Our Insurance does not cover damage to customer’s property. Normal house Insurance should cover this in the unlikely event of accidental damage to your property. 

Public Liability Insurance. 

We are covered up to One million pounds. 


We will require payment no later than 7 days after the completion of the Job. We will send you an invoice which can be paid either by, online banking, debit or credit card or cash. 
Please be aware there is a 1.4% + 20p transaction fee on all card payments. 
Jobs outside of Bristol Will require payment prior no later than the previous day of the removal. 

NHS discount. 

We offer 10% off the total cost of our services for NHS employees. A NHS ID badge must be emailed over for proof of employment prior to the move, and must be in the name of the person making the booking. 
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