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Wilkinson's Removals and Storage of Bristol
Thank you for selecting Wilkinson’s Removals to relocate your household items. We're dedicated to providing the ultimate customer service, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. 
Our experienced team of professionals is on hand to answer any questions you may have or provide advice with packing and unpacking. 
This guide aims to furnish you with all-encompassing details concerning our services, from initial pricing to the day of moving itself. Additionally, we have a checklist to ensure that you are ready for your relocation and have considered all crucial aspects in the weeks leading up to it. 
If there is anything else that you would like to inquire about, please do not hesitate to contact us. We trust that this guide will be beneficial in facilitating your move. 

The Wilkinson Removals Guide to Your Move 

When you first contact Wilkinson's, one of our experienced and friendly removalists will assist you in answering your questions and scheduling a survey to assess the contents of your home. You can select either a traditional home survey or a virtual video survey. 
The traditional home survey usually takes an hour, while the virtual survey is much faster as it can be done remotely at your convenience. Our expert will also inquire about any delicate or high-value items so that we can recommend suitable packing materials and methods to safeguard them. 
To ensure that we provide you with the most precise quote possible, please provide us with as much information as possible. 

What Will Your Move Cost? 

Once we review the survey, we will offer you a complimentary quote with no obligation. The cost of moving will be influenced by variables such as the size of your residence and the number of belongings you have. Additionally, any extra services required, such as packing or storage, must be taken into account. Our quote includes the transportation of your possessions to your new home or a storage facility. It also covers necessary packing, VAT, transit insurance, and insurance premium tax. 


We'll furnish you with a well-defined timetable specifying the dates and timings for your relocation. We'll cooperate with you during this period to ensure that everything progresses seamlessly. Furthermore, we'll keep you updated on any modifications or postponements throughout the course of action. 


We can offer you a quote for storing your belongings in a storage unit, which will depend on the quantity and dimensions of your items and any extra services you may need. 

Planning the move 

When you receive the quotation and acceptance form, it will include a move plan that covers all aspects of your move. This includes details such as the timeline, pickup and delivery addresses, services to be provided (including any items that should not be moved), what you are responsible for, and storage options (if required). Verifying all of this information is accurate before confirming your move is important. If there are any changes in the plan, make sure to inform our team immediately. 

Insurance and Waivers 

Our insurance policy for Goods in Transit and Storage provides assurance by safeguarding your belongings during the moving process. Our provider is regulated, and if a legitimate claim is filed, we will compensate you or repair/replace any damaged goods without applying any excess fees. 
In addition, Wilkinson's offers an optional waiver that covers both properties from accidental damage and provides flexibility in case of unforeseen circumstances, such as delayed access to your new home or last-minute cancellation of your move. 

Cancellation Policy 

If you confirm your removal but later need to cancel or reschedule, there may be a fee. However, you can prevent this fee by buying our Cancellation Waiver, which will cover any changes in your plans. 

When You've Got Your Moving Date? 

After receiving and reviewing your quotation, contact Wilkinson’s to confirm and schedule your move day. In the quotation pack, you will find an acceptance form that must be completed and returned to secure your move date. 
To complete the form, select the services required by ticking the boxes in your quotation. Insert the replacement value of your goods and choose any applicable insurance and waiver services. Confirm the date, time, and access to both your old and new homes. 
Sign and submit your acceptance back to us. Your move will be confirmed after we receive payment. Ensure that there is clear access for our large vehicles similar to a double-decker bus. Payment can be made over the phone using a debit or credit card. 

Getting Ready for Your Move 

To prepare for the move, use sturdy cardboard boxes and pack them by putting heavier items like books in the bottom half and lighter items on top. Clear out attics or lofts and place the items in an accessible location before the move. Disconnect, drain, and dry appliances like washers and fridges beforehand. 
Remove curtains, blinds, fixtures, and stack pictures/mirrors first when loading. Use wardrobe cartons to keep clothing on hangers; other clothing can be packed into suitcases. Fold bedding and linen onto beds before packing them away. Fasten cords of electronic devices together when disconnecting them. Individually wrap fragile items such as china, glassware, and ornaments before securely boxing them up. 
During the move, it's best to leave pets or children with friends or family members instead of bringing them along. High-value smaller items should also not be transported by us due to lack of insurance; transport these yourself after wrapping them in protective material. 
After completing the move, our team will contact you shortly afterwards to ensure that everything went smoothly and see if there is anything else we can do for you during this time of transition. 

Checklist - Fortnight to 1 month prior: 

Declutter and dispose of any unwanted items before packing. 
Create a packing plan to make the process smoother. 
Confirm your moving date and finalize all necessary arrangements. 
Notify relevant institutions, such as insurance providers, utility companies, banks, phone/broadband companies, and credit card companies of your change of address. 
Inform DVLA of your new address and arrange for Royal Mail to redirect mail from the move date. 
Let the TV licensing company know about your move before watching television at the new location. 
Find new general practitioners (GPs) and dentists in the area; inform previous practices that you're leaving and provide them with updated contact information. 
Notify HMRC and pension providers of your new address; register with your new council area if required. 
Update apps and websites like Just Eat, eBay, and Amazon with your new location to avoid any issues with delivery or service access. 
Update parking permits and obtain any necessary ones for the new location. 

Checklist - One to 2 weeks prior: 

Notify gas, electric, and water companies 48 hours before moving. 
Return borrowed items from friends, libraries, or hire companies. 
Prepare a survival kit for the first day at the new location which includes light bulbs, toilet paper, a kettle, tea and coffee. 
Confirm key availability and pick-up location. 
Defrost the fridge/freezer and empty it prior to moving. 
Disconnect appliances and fit transit brackets to washing machines as required. 
Clear out the attic (if not properly illuminated/floored) to allow delivery team access. 

Checklist - Moving Day: 

Review the survival kit and add any missing items. 
Pack bedding and label it properly for the correct room. 
Check the house and garden for forgotten items, lock windows and doors, and leave keys in a designated spot. 
Take final meter readings and share them with the supplier, as well as readings when you arrive at your new home. 
Sign the completion form once everything has been delivered. 
Finally, relax! 
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